Spiritual Care 

Hi there, and welcome.

Please note that Mike Giesbrecht has chosen to move on to a new chapter in his life and is no longer the Spiritual Care Coordinator here at Boundary Trails Health Centre.  We thank him for all the years he dedicated to Boundary Trails Healthy Centre and wish him and his family all the best in their new endeavor.  

We will have someone available in the interim to help those in need of support and to help continue with services needed in the Spiritual Care department.

A visit to the Hospital, whether planned or unexpected, often brings with it a re-evaluation of priorities. We have an opportunity to reflect on questions that really matter, such as the meaning of life, suffering, relationships, losses, changes, death and dying, and the afterlife.  We believe that Health Care encompasses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life.  And so we strive to help bring healing by walking with patients and family as they find meaning and balance in their whole life.

We work, not separate from, but as part of the health care team, providing sensitive and compassionate support, honouring the worth and dignity of each human life.


An overview of the spiritual care program of BTHC includes the following:

  • Coordinating Sunday Morning Worship Services in our chapel from local Congregations.
  • Connecting Local Clergy with Patients when requested
  • Providing staff support and counselling when needed.
  • Helping to facilitate Critical Incident Stress Debriefing sessions.
  • Crisis intervention and counselling.
  • Providing or arranging appropriate faith based sacramental ministry.
  • Providing a Thursday morning Chapel in the Rehab department.
  • Patient and family support during, illness, loss, death and dying, depression, childbirth and loss.
  • Practising “Presence,” “Active Listening,” and “Prayer” with both patients and staff.
  • Working as part of the “Inter-disciplinary Health Care Team” in family meetings, admission and discharge planning, and care planning.

The Spiritual Care program offered at Boundary Trails Health Centre relies solely on donations and fundraising.


Spiritual Care Coordinator
Boundary Trails Health Centre
Box 2000, Station Main
Winker, Manitoba R6W 1H8
Phone: 204.331.8808
Fax: 204.331.8804