Kids Help 

We all know that kids have big hearts!  We want to give children a chance to do their part!

The BTHC is not able to keep toys in storage for children to play with due to the spread of germs and bacteria.  So, it is our goal to raise funds for occupational therapy items we can present to our young patients who are worked with daily in our Therapy Services department.  Will you help us do this?

Here are some FUNdraising ideas:

Lemonade Stand!

To learn more about our summer program for kids call the office at 204.331.8808

Hugs for Sale!

Go to your local mall and give a hug for a donation! If you are fun loving everyone will have a great time for a great cause. For those that are not to keen on a physical hug, give them the option to get a Hershey’s candy hug instead.

Sell Popcorn!

It’s cheap, easy to make, and you can even sell it in your schools!

Jellybean Jar!

Fill a jar with jellybeans and have kids pay $1 to guess how many are in the jar.  The closest one wins the jelly beans!

Puppet Show!

Make puppets with socks, paper bags, or other craft items.  Write a story and act it out. Advertise with posters and flyers, and make sure and tell your audience where the funds raised are going.

Neighborhood Cleanup!

Ask your neighbors if you could mow their lawn, shovel snow, or rake for a small donation to the children at BTHC!

Just ask!

It’s amazing how if you ask someone to help out kids, they will.  Contact us for a special “Kids Help” donation form.

If you have questions or would like help with your fundraising project, please contact the office at 204.331.8808