BTHC Foundation Executive Director Shannon Samatte-Folkett and Foundation Chairperson Grant Thiessen

The past year’s accomplishments were front-and-center at the recent annual meeting for the Boundary Trails Health Centre Foundation.

According to Board Chair Grant Thiessen, one of those highlights was purchasing $184,000 in new equipment for the hospital located between Winkler and Morden.

“Some of that comes out of our regular budget, but there were various businesses and community members that came forward and said here’s ‘X number of dollars, what kind of project can we get involved in?’. So we were able to take advantage of that and work with our donors to get this equipment purchased,” said Thiessen.

“When you look at some of this equipment that’s making our hospital more efficient, making better use of our limited resources, it’s really heart-warming to have a touch in that process,” he added.

The recent annual meeting also served as an opportunity to look ahead to a new year for the foundation.

Thiessen hopes to officially kick off the foundation’s hospital expansion fundraising campaign – Building for the Future. He believes the community is excited for the project and ready to get going, noting the fund has already accumulated $1.25 million.

“We’re just getting started, we don’t have the approval to do anything yet, and so as people have wanted to look for a place to put the money that they’re donating we created the fund,” said Thiessen.

The foundation’s 2018 equipment purchase highlights included:

*Infant Stabilization Unit (OBS) – $28,028
*Bladder Scanner (ER/Medical) – $11,995
*Ultrasound Probe (OBS/OR) – $12,629
*Waiting Room Chairs 27 (Cancer Care ) – $7,395
*Partial Support for Rigid Tower (OR) – $45,000
*Berkley Curettage System (OR) – $11,778
*Stryker Isoflex Mattress (Palliative) – $3,850
*Stethoscopes (Cancer Care) – $250
*Sara Steady (Rehab/Surgery) – $2,169
*Rehab Stairs (Surgery) – $1,775
*Stryker Big Wheel Stretcher (OBS) – $6,133
*Stryker Gynie Stretcher & Mattress (OBS) $8,030
*Broken Screw Removal Set (OR) – $13,900
*Lounge Chairs – 4 (Palliative/Medical) – $4,551


Education Support $3,240
Music to my Ears $4,500

2018 Program support included:

*Palliative Care Salaries $120,000
*Palliative Care Volunteer Program $700
*Palliative Care Supplies $1,250


Spiritual Care Salaries $70,260

Misc. $870

You’ve Helped Raise…

Palliative Care, Spiritual Care & Equipment needs within BTHC

$675370 RAISED
BUDGET $1116550