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The BTHC Foundation’s sole purpose is to enhance the level of care here within our local hospital by providing palliative care, spiritual care, and advanced medical equipment. When you donate to the BTHC Foundation, what does this look like to the care providers at Boundary Trails?

Let’s Step Into the Conversation

Without the BTHC Foundation, it would be difficult to provide the same level of care that our clients and the community have come to know here. It’s part of the reason I chose to work here and why I continue to be extremely happy working here – because we’ve got a hospital that’s responsive to its staff, and the BTHC Foundation to help us achieve our goals of improving care wherever we can. So, to have the backing of the BTHC Foundation is amazing.

Dr. Bryan Kroeker

Let’s Continue the Conversation

The pandemic has forced the BTHC Foundation to cancel our two annual fundraising events, but the need for enhanced care at our local hospital continues. Join the Donation Conversation.

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Because of your generous donation, your friends, neighbours, and family members will continue to receive a higher level of local in-hospital care and support.

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