Written by Candace Derksen/Jayme Giesbrecht

“Every one is an individual and everybody deserves that individual care,” says Reimer.

Larry Reimer is no stranger to coming alongside people in crisis, and that is exactly what he plans to do in his new role as Spiritual Care Coordinator for Boundary Trails Health Centre (BTHC).

Reimer has served as a dean a MCI in Gretna, the director of Youth for Christ – The Station in Altona and most recently, a pastor in Winkler for the last two years.

“In alongside those things I built relationships with people that kind of always naturally navigate to a place of pastoral care…and so it just seems to be part of my life,” he explained. “I don’t know why I attract that kind of stuff. I think someone knows why and He is very good at what he does. I think the Lord is very conscientious in bringing about the best in us when he yield to him.”

Additionally, Reimer completed his spiritual care internship at BTHC and in the process walked alongside people who were facing life-changing and terminal diagnosis. He even did a funeral for one of the patients he supported.

“I think this is something no one is really equipped for unless you’re able to submit yourself to God in that moment to be able to help people. Every one is an individual and everybody deserves that individual care,” added Reimer.

Meantime, Reimer admits it was quite the journey for him to come in to a place of applying for the Spiritual Care Coordinator position.

Having starting pastoring at a church in Winkler just two years ago, he says some people might wonder why he’s making another move. However, Reimer is actually a trained chaplain and says it’s long been his heart’s desire to walk alongside people in that context.

“Even though it’s scary, I think any kind of situation when you’re thinking about medical conditions…they are very sensitive situations and they have to be approached with a lot of care and a lot of thoughtfulness, and I really want to bring that to the job at Boundary Trails. I want to be a part of the team there and be able to bring a wholeness to the care for the patients,” explained Reimer.

Not only is it his hope to be a regular support to patients, but also to the staff who he says are encountering an incredible and unexpectedly stressful time during COVID-19.

“Now we’re in it. How do we deal with it? How do we navigate forward?”, said Reimer who speaks from personal experience. He explained that his father has been in the hospital several times during this period and Reimer says he’s had to witness his mother go through the trying time of not being able to be at her husband’s side. “Seeing it firsthand really gives you a greater empathy for walking with other people,” he added.

Reimer admits though, not everyone he meets in this role will be familiar with Jesus’ teachings, the word of God or the comfort of prayer. However, he says his goal is to bring about healing in a person’s life and then, if anything comes from it, proceed from there.

“I approach everyone as a spiritual being just haven’t been awakened as of yet,” he explained. “Not that I’m out to convert everybody, although that’s my heart’s desire, I want to provide care for people because they are spiritual and I want to meet them where they’re at so they can discover maybe a newness in their life, and maybe a life and a vitality that they’ve never encountered before.”

Reimer starts his new job at BTHC on January 4, 2021.

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