Boundary Trails Health Centre and Southern Health representatives are celebrating the addition of a new heliport coming to the hospital between Morden and Winkler.

Irene Krahn and family have completely funded the $350,000 project in memory of late husband and father Ed Krahn, allowing air ambulance services to more quickly transfer patients into hospital care. In the past, STARS crews had to land in a grassy area beside the facility which was subject to the elements like snowfall and muddy conditions after heavy rains.

BTHC Foundation Chair Grant Thiessen says it’s been a journey discovering the magnitude of the project and the generosity of the Krahn family. Originally, Thiessen says they were prepared to raise funds for a portion of the total cost only to learn the family was covering the entire bill.

“We were getting ready to do whatever was left,” Thiessen explains, adding they’ve informed the additional donors their support can now be moved to other projects.

“It’s awesome, it speaks to our community, and the people that are in our community, and their generosity and their vision for the needs in the area,” Thiessen says.

Southern Health CEO Jane Curtis explains the heliport will make a difference for the region, “it will be a lasting legacy for this family… knowing people will get the timely care that they need.”

She explains a heliport is a major boost for a hospital.

“It’s time… when people’s lives are at stake every second counts,” Curtis says. “It makes a huge difference.”

The heliport is expected to be finished before winter 2019.

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