The Rhineland Low German Drama Group made the presentation April 17. Director Tina Peters (far left) says the Low German drama troupe has been a long-running tradition in the community. “You can tell the same joke in English but it just doesn’t have the same kick to it.”

The popularity of the Rhineland Low German Drama Group productions often means standing-room-only. However, the cast wanted to share their success with the Boundary Trails Health Centre (BTHC) Palliative Care Program.

The group made a donation of $4,100 last week, the surplus from their latest spring event.

Director Tina Peters explains a number of cast members had family who received care from the Palliative Car Program and wanted to give back. “It’s a small way of saying thanks… it makes end-of-life care easier for family.”

BTHC Foundation Executive Director Shannon Samatte-Folkett explains the support was a welcome surprise. “It’s hard to raise funds… for them to raise $4,100, I know the work that goes into that so we appreciate it that much more.”

“It’s great to hear how impactful the Palliative Care Program is,” Samatte-Folkett adds.

The Palliative Care program at BTHC also includes 2 part-time nurses, a part-time Volunteer Coordinator and approximately 40 volunteers.

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Palliative Care, Spiritual Care & Equipment needs within BTHC

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