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The BTHC Foundation’s sole purpose is to enhance the level of care here within our local hospital by providing palliative care, spiritual care, and advanced medical equipment. When you donate to the BTHC Foundation, what does this look like to the care providers at Boundary Trails?

“Its very clear to everyone that works in the hospital that the foundation has, as its primary goal improving the care that people in the community get. They do this by listening to the people that are the care providers. Its instrumental in providing as up-to-date and as good of care as possible to our community.”

Dr. Bryan Kroeker

“The BTHC Foundation funds our program and pays so that myself and another palliative care nurse can work here, but they also help with some of the comforts in the rooms. The Foundation supplies our palliative care rooms with extra furniture. Some of the things like fridges and microwaves so that families and patients can have more of those at-home comforts and spend more time there.”

Blake Doerksen – Palliative Care Nurse

When I look at the list of equipment that they have provided to our unit specifically, in the last two years, I know without a shadow of a doubt that we MUST have their support to be able to do the work that we do here everyday.

Dr. Ladonna Majeau

“The Foundation has funded the refreshments for the cancer care program. Often they are not feeling well. And so we can give them that 7UP or that snack that can make them feel a little better. Without the support of the Foundation, this wouldn’t be possible.”

Jerry Ann Froese – Volunteer Coordinator

Ways that the foundation has provided for the hospital…

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Spiritual Care

1 Chapel and beautiful stain glass window was funded through donations made to the foundation.

2 We supply the program with any supplies needed. Hymn books etc.

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Palliative Care

1 Provides a pool of equipment for palliative patients to use for short term home stays.

2 9 Private Palliative rooms with specialized beds, tv and amenities. With room for families to stay and sleep if needed.

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Continuing Education

1 We provide up to $10k annually recognizing the effort staff makes to continue their education to enhance their skills for the betterment of patient care at BTHC.

2 Maintaining current education in keeping with the best standards of practice for patient care.

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1 Rehab equipment – TRAM and H-Ceiling Track are a couple of items that help to assist the staff to do their job safely and allows for fewer therapists per patient.

2 Emergency & ICU equipment – provides a way to stabilize patients quickly, provide best emergency care with advanced equipment.

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1 Funds 2 Palliative Care nurses, a Volunteer Coordinator and Spiritual Care Staff in full ($225,000/yr).

2 These are unique programs focused on patient and family comfort during tough times.

And much much more…