As the medical world and technology progresses, the BTHC Foundation would like to see the education continue in our Health Care professionals at BTHC.


To assist staff with continuing education needs.


The Foundation supports endeavors of staff maintaining current education; in keeping with best standards of practice for patient care. The Foundation has allocated funding to sponsor staff within BTHC for continuing education needs that fall under the given criteria.


  • All other funding options must be pursued first, e.g. Union fund, Professional Associations (R&R).
  • Courses for educational requests must pertain to area of work at BTHC.
  • The Foundation will not be responsible to pay hours of work, mileage, meals, accommodation or other miscellaneous incidentals.
  • The Foundation will pay 75% of course costs only. Textbooks are the responsibility of the applicant.
  • BTHC Foundation Education Fund Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Director of Health Services OR the empolyee’s manager for pre-approval.
  • BTHC Foundation office must receive confirmation of course completion/attendance/proof of payment before the Foundation will reimburse attendee.
  • Consideration may be given by BTHC Foundation if above conditions are met within six months of attendance or completion of course.

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