The BTHC maternity unit has 7 private LDRP (labour, delivery, recovery, postpartum) rooms available. This means the mothers labour and deliver is in the same room as she will stay in after her baby is born.

In 2010 approximately 1000 babies will be born at BTHC.

BTHC always encourages rooming-in with the new baby as this will help the mother establish the family bond and feed the baby as required.

BTHC offers several options for pain management during labour and these can be reviewed with the doctor prior to coming to deliver the baby.

Prenatal classes are offered by the Public Health Nurses to couples having their first baby.

Midwifery services are available in the Central RHA for either a hospital or home birth.

Our maternity unit is next to the surgical unit and has the capability to do an emergency Caesarian section.

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