Morden Thrift Store Gives Back $500,000

BTHC Foundation Executive Director Shannon Samatte-Folkett

The Morden Thrift Store donated $500,000 back to the community last week as part of their annual dispersal of funds.

Store representatives explain the board of directors look for ways to benefit the entire community. One of the largest donations, $250,000, was made to Boundary Trails Health Centre Foundation for their expansion project.

“This is awesome, this is a great first step, it just shows that we have our communities behind us,” says BTHC Foundation Executive Director Shannon Samatte-Folkett. “They understand that we’re full here and we need to expand. They believe in our vision so it’s been awesome already to have that ready.”

The $250,000 was the second Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) given to the foundation for their future expansion. The money is contingent on the approval of the project.

The foundation has been working on expansion plans for the past two years in response to the region’s population growth. Plans include creating a service centre, moving office space out of the hospital to free up room for medical services.

The three-phase expansion is still in the planning stage, awaiting government approval.

In addition to the GIC, $88,500 was given to the foundation for the palliative care program for new equipment, and other equipment in the hospital.

Other recipients included Habitat for Humanity which received $50,000, Pembina Counselling Centre saw $20,000, Pregnancy Care Centre $30,000 and Morden Fire Department received $18,000.

Rock Lake United Church Camp – $7,500 for campership funds.
Pembina Valley Bible Camp – $7,500 for campership funds.
Morden Collegiate – $6,000 for bursaries.
Morden Christian Program Committee – $6,000 for its programs.
Healthy Minds – $5,000 for the Western School Division breakfast program.
Darlingford fire department – $5,000 for truck upgrades.
Morden minor baseball – $4,000 for upkeep of ball diamonds.
Agassiz Medical Centre – $2,240 for a new scale and blood pressure cuffs.
Boundary Trails Health Centre – $500 for its flower committee.

BTHC Foundation Expects To Release Expansion Plans, Still “Bursting At The Seams”

The BTHC held its Annual General Meeting on Monday

Plans for the expansion to Boundary Trails Health Centre (BTHC) between Morden and Winkler are expected to be released this summer.

Incoming BTHC Foundation Board Chair Grant Thiessen explains the Regional Health Agency (RHA) will be presenting the plan to government in the coming months. Last year, the Foundation hired a project manager to coordinate phase one of the expansion.

“Getting a favourable response there, we’ll be able to move into high-gear for fundraising,” Thiessen says, adding in the meantime they are continuously receiving donations from the general public.

“The Foundation is keenly aware that BTHC is bursting at its seams and is in desperate need of an expansion,” outgoing Chair Debra Enns says, adding the community has thrown their support behind the vision for the project.

For the year ending March 31, BTHC Foundation saw $567,736 in donations. In her report, outgoing Chair Debra Enns says the Foundation was able to purchase $57,000 in new equipment including an Infant Cardiac Monitor for Obstetrics and a Cardiac Probe for the ER.

The Foundation also ensures the Spiritual Care and Palliative Care program budgets are met each year, totalling $200,000. Enns notes it’s only possible with the help of donors and surrounding communities. “BTHC is no longer a community hospital but a regional hospital, considered one of the finest in Manitoba.”

During the Foundation’s AGM on Monday, four board members stepped down, including Moira Porte, the representative of Plum Coulee, Linda Pearce, the representative for the RM of Pembina/Manitou, Bev Williment, the representative for the RM of Thompson and, Debra Enns, from the RM of Rhineland, who stepped down from her position as Chairperson of the Board. The retirement of Carol Worms, the Foundation Administrator was also announced. Thiessen, from the city of Winkler, stepped up from his Vice-Chair position to take the role of Chairperson.

Margaret Gluck, from the RM of Roland, Paul Peters, from the Municipality of Rhineland, Tanya Chateauneuf, from the City of Winkler, and Deb Weir, from the RM of Thompson will be joining the board.

BTHC Foundation will be holding their annual golf tournament in August which is already filled up with players. Thiessen says there’s always a need for sponsors in the tournament.

The only other fundraiser being held this year is the upcoming Annual Dinner.

Outgoing Chair Debra Enns

Parkland Students Changing The World One Good Deed At A Time

The village in Kenya who wanted to thank the students of Parkland for their contribution.

Today the world was made a slightly better place thanks to the efforts of grade seven and eight students from Parkland Elementary School in Winkler.

After a full year of bake sales, penny carnivals and other fundraisers, the school’s Junior High Leadership Team raised $1,500 which they presented to Boundary Trails Health Centre Foundation.

Many of the students want to help others but don’t necessarily have the means, which made the program attractive for young philanthropists Lea Ediger. “I guess I’ve always wanted to do something for this community and help but didn’t have any way to do it, so this was a great opportunity.”

“This was both of our second year,” says Jayda Kreller. “Last year was a lot of fun for me and helping people just feels really good.”

Back in September the group created a list of the organizations they wanted to assist. Ediger says the BTHC Foundation was chosen because everyone has a connection to it. The money will be put towards an adaptive bike which will be used to aid children in physical recovery and communication apps which will allow children who are non-verbal or don’t have a voice of their own.

Speech Language Pathologist, Lauralie Peters, and Erica Hoeppner, Occupational Therapy with the Pediatrics program, were excited saying departments are always in need of new equipment.

“I think it’s valuable,” says Peters, “Because children working for children means a lot, the awareness is there.”

This money gives the hospital the chance to test this new equipment to see if it’s a good fit before they invest in more.

The studetns also takes part in international initiatives; the group will be sending $1,000 to a charity in Kenya called Creation of Hope. The money will be used to create wells which will provide the village with clean drinking water.

Concert in Support of Palliative Care

If you happen to have some cash laying around, $25.00 to be specific, consider putting it towards a ticket for the upcoming fundraiser concert at the PW Enns Centennial Concert Hall. The proceeds are going to the Boundary Trails Health Centre Palliative Care Program. Performing at the concert is Rosemary Siemens and The Sweet Sound Revival. Here she shares with us why a fundraiser like this is necessary and important.

Rosemary’s latest album is fittingly titled, “Plum Cloulee, My Home,” and at the end of January won the award for Best Southern Gospel/Country Album of the Year at Canada’s Gospel Music Awards. She shared with us how she feels about winning the award.

Finally, if you’re not sure if you would like to go, here she lets us know what to expect if you attend the concert.

If you click the link below, it will take you to Boundary Trails Health Centre website where you can find the link to order tickets!

Rosemary Siemens Concert